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Hiring a Kansas City newborn photographer  is not something to be taken lightly, this person will be holding your newborn baby and spending a few hours with you during some of the most emotional and important days of your life. However, finding the good fit for your family shouldn’t be that complicated. In this article, I am going to tell you how to find what the right photographer for your needs and will help you understand what goes into creating different types of newborn images so you can have realistic expectations for your style and budget.  These are a few considerations you must take into account before reaching out to your local professionals:


I can never emphasize enough how important this is. It doesn’t matter what type of newborn photography style you are after, if a photographer does not have at least a basic understanding of safety practices that will protect you and your newborn, PLEASE DON’T DO IT! Unfortunately, there are no current regulations or requirements to become a newborn photographer, this means that someone with no photography or newborn handling experience could set shop at any moment. WHY IS THIS SO IMPORTANT?  As a new mom, even I had no idea of how fragile a baby could be, so let’s reflect on it for a moment:
  • Newborns can’t regulate their own body temperature so posing them naked by themselves on whatever space is NOT gonna work, but also they can be easily overheated and dehydrated if the temperature isn’t being monitored.
  • Infants are at higher risk of SIDS, suffocation, or injury if they are not properly handled or posed.
  • They can’t hold their head or bodies on their own. Posing without proper support can be very dangerous.
  • Their immune systems are brand new.
  • Babies are also are very temperamental little humans that, unlike us, can’t express what bothers them.
  • And last but absolutely not least, you just gave birth! You are probably going to be hormonal, emotional, and tired.
Things will go a lot smoother and easier if you hire a trained professional that has worked with newborn families before and has a good sense of the new family’s needs. Also, whoever you hire must be aware of his or her limitations or expertise when it comes to working with newborns. It does not matter if you hire a beginner newborn photographer or an experienced one, if they are serious about their business, they need to be well studied on safe newborn handling practices.


When looking at your local photographer’s work, you want to make sure that their style speaks to you. It does not matter how many inspiration boards you create on Pinterest, if you try to make a photographer recreate something that is not in aesthetic accordance to their style, you might not be as happy with the end result. In my personal experience, this has been incredibly important as a newborn photographer. I still remember when I just started my newborn photography business, I’d get families providing inspiration from higher-end and experienced photographers. This was a big challenge as I didn’t have the experience needed to create such images, I didn’t have the equipment, props, or even a workflow to get the end product they wanted. I was a lot cheaper back then, so I would often have to refuse posing newborns to recreate other photographer’s images.  I used to encourage simple posing and would stick only to the poses I had studied and/or practiced previously.


Let’s be realistic, most people expecting a baby aren’t exactly on an endless budget. Babies represent a huge expense, so setting aside a big budget for newborn photos can’t be a priority after all the birth expenses, the new house you just had to get to start your family, all the new baby gadgets, etc. Lots of photographers that specialize in maternity and newborns have packages or discounts to accommodate both the belly photos and the newborn photos, so hiring the same person to do both is always a good idea. Being on a small budget doesn’t necessarily mean that you can’t hire a higher-end photographer but you must plan ahead of time. If you are pregnant and you know you want to work with an experienced newborn photographer, finding the right fit for your family shouldn’t be a challenge or disappointment. Most higher end photographers have payment plans that allow you to make modest monthly payments, but keep in mind that those photographers get booked far in advance so planning in advance is key. If your budget is firm and you can’t afford to stretch it over the course of your pregnancy, or if you simply didn’t think of hiring a newborn photographer until the baby was born, it’s ok, don’t panic. All you need to do is to have realistic expectations and your newborn family photos will still turn out great. However, you have to understand what the different types of newborn photography are and what it takes to achieve a certain style in order to set your budget:
  • Custom newborn photography

If you like images of peaceful sleeping babies with their hands tucked under their chin, floating in space on their dad’s arms, or laying on their tummies with their naked bumps up in the air, then custom newborn photography is what you are looking for. While everyone does business differently and has different styles, custom or boutique newborn photographers will have all the qualifications necessary to create what you want and need, they’ll have a big portfolio, years of experience, appropriate and safe newborn equipment and will prioritize newborn safety and your comfort above anything else. Their style will be versatile and capable of creating a good mix of posed and candid images. They’ll have a vast newborn wardrobe and props galore, you won’t need to do much other than to make sure you communicate what your color preferences and expectations are. Some photographers have their own studio, which means that you will need to travel to them but most likely they will be ready to start the shoot almost as soon as you get there, while others travel to your home and will take a bit of time setting up a newborn studio in your living room. Some photographers have assistants so you will probably have to do little to nothing, while others prefer to request the parents’ assistance if needed, for which they should be able to guide you on how to help to keep your baby supported and safe. This sounds great, but why are some newborn photographers so expensive? I hear you! you find a photographer whose work you LOVE, but she does not seem within your budget. It is paramount to first understand how custom newborn photographers work in order to establish a budget so here is a brief description of what will go down before you get those adorable smooth rosy cheeks on print:
  • Newborn photoshoots aren’t exactly easy or short, these are new humans that need a lot of soothing and LOTS of patience.
  • It can take up to 5 hours (depending on each particular baby) to get a gallery of 20-30 pictures and that does not even include the editing or product building time.
  • These photographers will have experience, they’ve received the proper education, are insured(of course! they are handling your newborn!), and if they travel to you they will bring lots of equipment for which you won’t have to lift a finger.
  • Besides the time they spend with your family and your baby, they work a good amount of hours “behind the scenes” making sure they understand what you want, buying props (yup, newborn photography props are not cheap and need to be replaced VERY often, you only need to imagine why…), they will spend hours culling and editing your photos and most likely they’ll offer high quality printed products as part of their packages,
  • They have to constantly maintain or upgrade their equipment or purchase editing softwares, it adds up!

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